Cat Cam:

The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat

Cooper’s first photo book finally is here! The adventures of the Photographer Cat are documented with his micro Cat Cam. See the world from a cat’s point of view in this stunning, full-color photo book.

“Cat Cam” investigates the secret life of a cat. Through Cooper’s eyes we explore places only cats go, witness interactions with other neighborhood animals, and see the seasons change from a rare and vivid point of view. The book includes many never-before-seen photos, as well as commentary and tips from Cooper himself.

Critical raves for Cooper and his photography:

“Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not there? This is a year in the life of a cat.” – GOOD MORNING AMERICA

“Deirdre and Michael Cross put a camera on the collar of their cat, Cooper, that automatically takes a picture every two minutes… Cooper’s view of the world is so different from what most people see.” – ANIMAL PLANET’s “CATS 101”

“We were blown away!” – PEOPLE MAGAZINE

“Cooper… the first-ever feline photographer!” – IN TOUCH WEEKLY

“We’ve often wondered what our pets do when we’re not looking — but one Seattle couple took an unusual step to find out… Meet Cooper, a cat who took a cue from owners Michael and Deirdre Cross (both filmmakers themselves) and documented his daily goings-on with his own Cat Cam.” – LA TIMES

“Vivid, imaginative, and abstract… Offering a point of view most people never see. That’s the very definition of an artist… even an accidental one.” – EVENING MAGAZINE


Watch Cooper’s book release video!